The News YOU Need to Know Sunday October 23, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden Pushing US Toward War?

Why is Biden readying troops to enter Ukraine? Click Here for Story

The Vaccine Booster Is For What?

Fully vaxxed and newly boosted CDC Director catches…Covid Click Here for Details

Emboldened Chinese Tyrant

President Xi consolidates his power is he readying for Chinese expansion ? Click Here for Details

Hollywood Awakening

Movie star and comedian Rob Schneider joins the ranks of celebrities leaving California Click Here for Details

Nailing Biden in the Heart of NYC


Times Square sports huge ad on billboard against Joe Biden? Click Here for Story

Will He Run?

Trump drops another hint at a 2024 run Click Here for Story

More Stupidity in California

California will force students to get vaccine despite the data showing its not necessary and may even be dangerous for young men Click Here for Details

Biden’s IRS…More Incompetence

Why did the IRS destroy millions of documents in 2021? Click Here for Story

Fetterman the Socialist

Pennsylvania candidate John Fetterman campaigns with socialists Click Here for Story

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