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Is THIS How The Elections Are Being Stolen?

National group uncovers the hijacking of ballots Click Here for Story

More Lawlessness From Biden Admin

A director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency violated Federal law Click Here for Story

Twitter DID Interfere in Elections

Elon Musk uncovers what everyone already knew about twitter they interfered in elections Click Here for Story

Imbecilic Comments From Chinese Official Over Fentanyl Problem

A disgraceful Chinese communist official blames US freedoms for the fentanyl explosion in the US Click Here for Story

Worse Than Pelosi?

Democrats elect their new House leader and he may be even farther left than Nancy Pelosi Click Here for Details

The Curse of Crypto?

3rd recent death of crypto tycoons Click Here for Story

The Biden Economy: About to Get Even Worse?

Biggest job cuts in history could be coming Click Here for Details

Dangerous China

The national flag of China is displayed in a street on October 1, 2023 in Wuhan, Hubei province, China. China is celebrating their 73nd National Day and a week-long holiday known as the "Golden Week". (Photo by Getty Images

Pentagon report says China could have 1500 nuclear weapons by 2035 Click Here for Story

Hiding Their Wokeness

University of Florida Medical School scrubs their website of woke agenda items after being exposed Click Here for Details

Biden Throws Railroad Unions Under the Bus

After claiming a victory in negotiating Biden Admin will now ask Congress to back business not the unions? Click Here for Story

Balkanization of the US?

Conservatives are leaving the failing Democrat controlled states will this only increase the “Balkanization” of the country? Click Here for Story

Correcting the Country Starts With Our Schools

Parents are taking back schools and firing socialist Administrators who are pushing woke agendas over basic education Click Here for Story


Even Elon Musk now sees the reckless evil that ESG programs push on society? Click Here for Details

Netherlands Trying to Destroy Its Own Farms

Forcing farmers to use bad Green New Deal farming methods or face forced buyouts Are governments trying to cause famine? Click Here for Details

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