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POTUS Sends in National Guard

Demonstrators Are Swarming Capitol Hill to Protest Brett Kavanaugh's  Confirmation – Mother Jones

DC protests get rowdy as Capitol building is breached Click Here for Story

Pence Sides with The Fraud

Won’t send electors back to the states Click Here for Story

Electoral Commission?

Will there be a legitimate investigation into election crimes? Click Here for Story

Restaurant In Trouble For Letting A Single Family Use A 100-Person Room

The law’s the law, says state health department

Democrat Sweep in Georgia

Socialism wins Click Here for Details

Small Town UP Diner Attracts Big Crowd To Protest Ongoing Lockdown

More attended nearby Houghton event than live in establishment’s hometown

The Next Step

Abolishing Police Click Here for Story

There They Go Again? U-M Looks To Be Dodging Open Records Accountability

Hide the substantive discussions, bury requestors in chitchat and already-published materialRead more

Samo Samo

Georgia election ran by same fraudsters Click Here for Details

Turning Republican

Rep Vernon Jones leaves Democrats Click Here for Story

Does Civility Still Exist?

Sen. Joe Manchin in December 2020

Joe Manchin wants it but is it too late? Click Here for Story

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