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DeSantis and Florida Are the Republican Model?

Florida's DeSantis traverses the U.S. as 2024 White House talk advances |  Reuters

One bright spot and success amid the tepid “Red Wave” is Florida Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Senate to Go Democrat?

Another progressive step to failure in Michigan Click Here for Story

More Election Fraud or Are Americans That Stupid and Brainwashed?

The alleged GOP wave was much much smaller than expected so what caused it? Click Here for Story

Michigan is a blue state now

In 2023, Democrats will control every aspect of state government

Education Department: COVID, not policy, caused Michigan’s decline in national rankings

State blames drop in NAEP scores on pandemic, not Whitmer policiesRead more

Another Runoff for Georgia?

Raphael Warnock, Herschel Walker

Can Georgians actually choose right for once? Click Here for Details

Stop Protecting the Illegal Administrative State

SCOTUS may consider a change to protections that big government abuses Click Here for Story

Can Peace talks Start Over Ukraine

Zelenskyy seems to be modifying his stance… little Click Here for Story

Good Bye McMuffin

Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee celebrates as he speaks to supporters during an election night party on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Closet Democrat Evan McMullin loses big time to Senator Mike Lee Click Here for Story

More Deep State Corruption

FBI contractor spied on GOP Congressman Click Here for Details

Michigan’s Proposal 2 Passed and Michiganders Will Regret It

It is now part of the Constitution to never require Voter ID and will let big Tech and Big companies influence elections Click Here for Story


Could the Democrats consider Meghan Markle for a POTUS candidate? Click Here for Story

John Kerry: Corruptocrat?

State Department’s John Kerry gets kozy with dictator Maduro? Click Here for Story

2022 Steal?

Was anything fixed from the 2020 election? It doesn’t seem like it Click Here for Story

Broke or Woke Voting Machines?

With 2 years of warnings how did Arizona allow this? Click Here for Details

Dangerous Sign?

US sends its largest nuclear submarine into the Mediterranean Sea Click Here for Story

Hard to Believe?

Exit polls showed 73% of American voters are dissatisfied with the direction of America but they still voted Democrat?? Click Here for Story

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