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Brazilians have Had Enough?

Over 3 million protest the election fraud in Brazil Click Here for Details

Can The Recent Voting Issues Be Fixed?

Could Congress do anything about how votes are counted like going back to 1 election day? Click Here for Story

Never Trumpers Get Triggered

Donald Trump’s announcement of running for President sets off the Never Trumpers again Click Here for Details

Arizona Election Fraud

Ballot stuffers caught on video Click Here for Details

Michigan budget includes $40 million for the arts

Edsel Ford House, Grand Rapids, a community center in Midland were among the beneficiaries

GOP Takes the House?

219 GOP to 206 Dems with 10 races still not called Click Here for Story

Biden’s student loan forgiveness scheme fails in federal court

A federal judge ruled the plan an unconstitutional exercise of legislative powerRead more

Get Rid of McConnell

This RINO turd must be flushed from leadership position Click Here for Story

Poland’s Missile Deaths Were…From Ukraine

Looking like the missiles that landed in Poland on accident were Ukrainian Click Here for Details

Recount Cometh?

Irregularities were so bad in Arizona that a recount is almost guaranteed? Click Here for Story

Was January 6th a “Fedsurrection”?

Evidence points to a set up and Chris Wray’s alternating denials and silence ring of dishonesty and corruption Click Here for Details

Texas Declares Border Invasion

Why did it take so long? Click Here for Story

Americans Suffer Under Democrats…

But foreign countries prosper Click Here for Details

When Can Mayorkas Be Impeached?

Rep. Flores: Mayorkas 'Lying' About Southern Border

Biden’s DHS Secretary is lying to the public AND Congress about border security Click Here for Story

FBI Director Is A Little late to The Party

FBI Director Wray says Tik Tok app may be spying on Americans. Didn’t Trump warn us of that years ago? Click Here for Details

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