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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD

Liberty, Prosperity and Humility on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Proclamation in George Washington’s own words

Oh So the Colorado Shooter ISN’T a Conservative?

Despite Mainstream Media wrongly accusing conservatives the Colorado gay nightclub shooting was caused by a They/Them Click Here for Story

White House’s Thanksgiving Propaganda?

Biden Admin releases dinner table talking points to shore up Biden’s failures? Click Here for Story

U-M should do more to respect due process, civil liberties group says

Even with improved policies involving sexual misconduct allegations, Ann Arbor campus earns only a “C”

Slave Labor for Apple?

Huge protest in China over working conditions for Apple? Workers beaten by authorities Click Here for Details

Walmart Shooter Identified

Andre Bing was a Walmart manager? Click Here for Story

Arizona Election NOT Certifiable?

Hobbs wins Arizona governor's race, flipping state for Dems | AP News

Problems and fraud evidence mounts as whistleblowers come forward Click Here for Details

Blowback Against Woke Corporations

Kroger has to pay workers they fired for not wearing LGBTQ logos? Click Here for Story

Election Fraud IS Worldwide

Brazilian election had huge irregularities and now President Bolsonaro files for a challenge to the results after protests continue against the alleged winner the socialist candidate Click Here for Story

Public Education Is Bad

There is no accountability for the propaganda being foisted upon our children Click Here for Story

Alaskan Stupidity

Ranked choice voting system gives conservative Alaska a RINO Senator and a Democrat Congressperson Click Here for Story

Green Grift

Who is more corrupt US or Europe? Click Here for Details

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