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Where Is Pompeo Going?

Not running for Senate so does he have Presidential aspirations? Click Here for Story

Parents Upset After State Senator Calls School Board Meeting ‘Hostile’

The Livonia Democrat has bill imposing more prison time for hurting or injuring school-related personnel

Experimenting on Children…

And proud of it? Disturbing comments from one doctor Click Here for Story

A Win for Kyle…

Judge says men killed by Kyle Rittenhouse shouldn't be called 'victims'  during trial - CNN Video

Judge in Kyle Rittenhouse case says the looters and rioters were not victims Click Here for Story

Why Is Media Hiding Vaccine Injuries?

Comcast refusing to air ads showing children injured by the Covid vaccines Click Here for Details

Hold Schools Accountable

Why are school systems allowing politics into our schools and libraries?

Eat the Rich?

It Starts with taxing billionaire’s assets but how long before Democrats look to tax the middle class’s assets? Click Here for Details

Special Interests Win Again in Democrat Plan

What’s In That $3.5 Trillion Democrat bill? How about a special carve out for big tech to hire foreign workers instead of Americans Click Here for Story

Manchin Will Cave?

Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) is a key vote for the Democrats' big-government, tax-and-spend reconciliation bill. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Senator Manchin says high probability that both Dem spending plans will pass Click Here for Story

Illegal Immigration Triples

Under Biden the border is now under an onslaught of illegal activity Click Here for Details

China Running US and World Media?

Reuters and Politico are deeply entrenched with the Chinese Communist Party ? Click Here for Story

Democrats Just Hate America…

Terry McAuliffe, former Virginia governor, will begin a bid for his old  job. - The New York Times

Terry McAuliffe linked law firm is targeting students who claim they’ve been assaulted at school Click Here for Details

And Students have Had Enough…

Virginia students hold walk out over rape case in school Click Here for Story

People Are Waking Up…

Over 35% of Americans now say the US election should be overturned as evidence of fraud mounts Click Here for Story

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