The News YOU Need to Know Thursday September 14, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Media Collusionistas?

White House is asking the Media to fight the Biden Impeachment? Click Here for Story

Dirty Fulton County

Election fraud is very evident Click Here for Story

Jennifer Granholm’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad EV trip

Even NPR admits non-Teslas have a road trip problem after Energy Department staffers block charger and citizen calls 911

Gotta Love Senator John Kennedy

No one can make liberals look stupid like Senator Kennedy can Click Here for Details

But IS the United States Really Any Better Than Cuba?

Cuba has political prisoners but so does the United States…Click Here for Story

Real or Fake?

Mummified aliens shown to Mexican Congress? Click Here for Details

Threats From Zelenskyy?

What kind of threat is Ukrainian President making over possible cuts to western aid Click Here for Story

The Solution…

Another Trump policy that would be a win for the US Click Here for Story

NYC Pays A Terror State ?

Why are we paying Pakistan to house illegal immigrants in New York City? Click Here for Story

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