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Military Moves in Brazil?

Drug Cartel loses top leaders in military raids against them by the Brazilian military is there more to this story? Click Here for Details

EV Problems? Go Figure…

Electric Vehicles could be banned in this country due to the short supply of…ELECTRICITY Click Here for Story

Michigan bill mirrors Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law

Age-appropriate sex ed for students in grades K-3 is the goal of House Bill 6503

Public Education?

43 year old School Administrator charged with rape of students and plying them with alcohol? Click Here for Story

Europe Endangered Its Own Energy Survival

Trying to be “Green” could end up costing lives in Europe this winter Click Here for Details

Could Georgians Really Be THIS Stupid?

Either polling is bad or Georgians are so stupid they’ll vote in the socialist who is hurting America and themselves Click Here for Story

McConnell Screws America Again?

Georgia Senate runoffs: The biggest loser was Mitch McConnell (Opinion) |  CNN

Will cave to Dems on bailing out the biased and treasonous mainstream media? Click Here for Details

No Trust In the US Military

Has the military’s woke leadership ruined American’s trust in our military? Click Here for Story

The Latest on Twitter and Democrat Censoring of Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Matt Taibbi gives us the latest on the expose by Elon Musk Click Here for Details

Covid WAS Engineered and Leaked on Purpose?

New whistleblower claims what we all suspect is true Click Here for Story


Biden won election because Twitter and the other social media giants worked with the government and Democrats to hide info so Biden wouldn’t lose Click Here for Story


Elon Musk is finally making Twitter go after the pedophiles and traffickers on Twitter that the old management and employees were protecting? Click Here for Details

Disturbing and Dangerous

North Carolina Power Outages May Last Days After Shootings

Who attacked electrical substations in North Carolina? Click Here for Story

Shameful Lameduck?

What insane policies will Democrats ram through before the GOP takes over the House? Click Here for Details

Inciting a War Expansion?

Latvia is asking NATO to allow Ukraine to target strikes inside Russia? Click Here for Story

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