The News You Need to Know Tuesday February 7 2023, TheDailyDrift.Com


The Scientific community and the Media are no longer trusted by Americans and rightly so Click Here for Story

Disney’s Wokeness Is Out of Control

Best to not let your children continue watching Disney programing Click Here for Details

More Treason By US Military Generals?

General Mattis may have committed treason? Click Here for Story

The Green Lies


Scottish wind turbines need Diesel powered generators Click Here for Details

Big Tech Betraying America

US tech giants are funding China to beat the US in AI race? Click Here for Story

China’s Happiness IS More Important Than US Safety

Once again the Biden Admin and his woke military is putting America last Click Here for Story

There’s More to the Ban on Gas Stoves…

The Democrats deny but their billionaire elitists and Chinese masters are pushing for it Click Here for Details

The Evil That Is Our Entertainment Industry

From Hollywood to the Music industry the worship of evil seems to be growing Click Here for Story

Angry Children

The left is apoplectic over the expulsion of Ilhan Omar from her committee assignments Click Here for Story

Ignoring Foreign Cash in Our Universities

Joe Biden with white hair in a suit

Biden Admin is not holding colleges accountable for funding by foreign operations Click Here for Details

Turkey Rocked by Earthquakes

Death toll rising Click Here for Story

Telling China We Are Weak…

Biden and his military’s response to the Chinese spy balloon is showing America at its weakest Click Here for Details

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