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CDC Is Finally Telling the Truth?

CDC Director Fears 'Impending Doom' If U.S. Opens Too Quickly : Coronavirus  Updates : NPR

75% of Covid deaths have 4 co-morbidities so are they really Covid deaths? Have they been twisting and using data to control the public? Click Here for Story

African Americans Benefitted Under Trump

And suffer under Biden but the media is too jaded and angry to tell the public Click Here for Story

America’s Shame: The DC Gulag

Americans held without their Constitutional rights in Washington DC jail Click Here for Story

Midwest Threatened With Power Outages When Weather Turns Cold

AOC Tests Positive…For Studpidity

More hypocrisy from Democrat Congresswoman Click Here for Details

Can We Trust McCarthy?

House GOP Minority Leader McCarthy pledges no amnesty and no gun control if GOP takes the House Click Here for Details

Can Manchin Hold Out?

Is Democrat Senator Joe Manchin the only thing stopping the next wave of communism in America? Click Here for Story

Clear Nepotism in NYC

New York’s new mayor use alleged white supremacy to appoint his brother to police commission? Click Here for Details

How Deep Were the Feds in January 6th Protests?

Time to investigate the increasing proof of Fed corruption Click Here for Story

Its Plainly Un-Constitutional

U.S. supreme court at twilight

Are we arguing wrongly on vaccine mandates? Click Here for Details

What Killed Saget?

Comedian and actor Bob Saget died unexpectedly in Orlando hotel room Click Here for Story

The Government Big Tech Cabal

How much government control is there over Youtube and Google? Or is it the opposite? Click Here for Details

Teacher’s Unions Hurting Themselves?

COVID-19 school closures width=

Failure to send teachers back to the classroom could lead to a terrible backlash Click Here for Story

Separate the Tracking for Real and Effective Data…

Being “hospitalized because of Covid” and “hospitalized with Covid” are two very different things Click Here for Story

The Liberal Bullies

Who exactly is bullying Senator Joe Manchin to push the Democrat Communist Agenda? Click Here for Details

Euro Conflict?

Is the likely hood of conflict with Russia intensifying? Click Here for Story

Public School Indoctrinating Centers

Has “Woke” school administrations ruined our public school system? Click Here for Details

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