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Amazon Fascists

Parler sues Amazon for removal of App and millions of users Click Here for Story

Ford Gets Big Wins

2 of 3 vehicles of the Year awards Click Here for Details

Fewer Workers At This Michigan City Collected More During Pandemic

New series on how government workers have fared covers Jackson this time

Attacking Free Speech

Even France and Germany see Big Tech as being wrong Click Here for Story

Democrats Continue Division Agenda and Media Helps

File impeachment charges on POTUS Click Here for Details

Deep State Educator?

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

Betsy DeVos resigns mouthing Democrat talking points Click Here for Story

Admission Of Leftist Violence?

Democrats may be looking to do false flag at inauguration to go after 2nd Amendment Click Here for Story

The Oligarchy Shows Its Hands

Big Finance join Big Tech in assault on conservatives Click Here for Details

Has The Swamp Won ?

And what it means for your freedoms Click Here for Details

Surprising Win for Texas?

Supreme Court sides with Texas over Democrat id for Universal mail in ballot cheating Click Here for Story

Big Tech RICO?

Racketeering charges recommended for Big Tech as they seek to destroy Parler and conservative sites Click Here for Story

As Biden Solidifies Big Tech Control

Biden Selects Over a Dozen Big Tech Executives to Serve in Administration or Advise Transition

Big Tech names to join Biden team Click Here for Story

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