The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday January 18, 2022 The DailyDrift.Com

Democrats Go Full Un-American

Democrats try to keep American’s Choice of Trump from being offered again Click Here for Story

Will We See This?

Subpoenas issued to voting machine companies Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

The different views of saving life from Earth Click Here for Story

More Proof for Ivermectin

Lawmakers to discuss bill allowing off-label use of drugs to treat COVID

World governments are hiding the obvious…why? Click Here for Details

Libs Defy The Voter’s Choice

Virginia schools district defy newly elected governor’s orders Click Here for Story

Big Tech Won’t Admit They’re Wrong

It doesn’t matter if conservatives post facts big tech social media won’t apologize for censoring Click Here for Story

Media Using Phony “Docs” to Combat Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan COVID Diagnosis: Podcaster Reveals Medicines He's Taking - Variety

Big Pharma and Government cabal is losing the narrative on their power play for control of the masses Click Here for Details

Banks Will Help Destroy America

The Great Reset and how corporate America is falling in behind the government to steal your freedoms and destroy America Click Here for Details

Democrat Donors Don’t Care About Huma Rights

Democrat mega donor Chamath Palihapitiya said he does not care about China’s genocide of its Uyghur ethnic minority Click Here for Story

Beware of Vaccinating Your Children

Covid is highly survivable for young children so why ARE we pushing risky vaccinations on them? Click Here for Details

Democrat States Misappropriating Covid Funds?

One scam is financing another? Click Here for Story

Close the Department of Education

Most corrupt and useless of all the Federal Departments? Click Here for Details

Are Americans Waking Up to the Democrat’s Attempts to Destroy America?

More people claiming to be Republicans Click Here for Story

Biden: Shameless Liar

This is disgusting and disturbing by any standards Click Here for Details

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