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Crushing the Economy

Biden regulations are killing what is left of the US economy Click Here for Details

SCOTUS Fails Again

Supreme Court seems to no longer uphold the Constitution Click Here for Story

The Next Afghanistan

Is Biden about to fail in Ukraine like he did in Afghanistan? Click Here for Story

Hold Fauci Accountable!

German professors points the finger at Fauci Click Here for Story

Hurting China?

Could Putin’s moves in Ukraine destroy the Chinese Olympics? Click Here for Details

Biden China Collusion

It’s been painfully obvious to most but now the proof seems irrefutable? Click Here for Details

Democrats Need New Voters

Failing most American’s with their socialist policies the Democrat party is looking to let in and buy illegal voters? Click Here for Story

Beware the Real War Threat?

China threatening Taiwan? could this be more real than a Russian invasion of Ukraine ? Click Here for Story

What Else Is Biden Admin Hiding?

President Biden Speaks On Rebuilding Country's Supply Chains In U.S.

Admin is withholding information on Iran deal from Congress Click Here for Details

Abandoning Biden?

Biden voters are turning against Joe Biden and his mandates Click Here for Story

Making Money…From China

New book details the money flow from China to the Biden family Click Here for Details

Good-Bye RINO Liz

Liz Cheney will probably be trounced in the next primary Click Here for Story

Insane Policy in Ukraine

The Biden Admin is directly responsible for what is happening in Ukraine now Click Here for Details

Undue Influence

People arrive to attend the Huawei keynote address at the IFA 2020 Special Edition consumer electronics and appliances trade fair on the fair's opening day in Berlin on Sept. 3, 2020. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

China is paying Tony Podesta to lobby the Biden White House? Click Here for Story

No Explanation

Jen Psaki can’t explain to America why the US should send troops and supplies to Ukraine if Europeans aren’t willing Click Here for Details

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