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Stop Hiding the Border Crisis

Senator Cruz tells Biden Admin to stop hiding and allow media in to see the Border Crisis first hand Click Here for Story

State’s Private Sector Workers Lost Income In 2020; Public Sector, Not So Much

That’s what an ongoing Michigan Capitol Confidential survey keeps finding

Graham Stands Up for 2nd Amendment

Senator Lindsey Graham supports AR-15 ownership Click Here for Story

3rd Round Scare

CDC director warns of 'impending doom' on potential new COVID surge

CDC back to doomsaying even as Biden Admin opens border to infected illegals Click Here for Story

Freed At Last

The Ever Given has been refloated this morning

Suez Canal reopens as ship is freed Click Here for Details


Blaming the murder victim? Click Here for Story

Full On Stupid

Woke cancel culture attacks another children’s book Click Here for Details

Just the First Step

Universal background checks is just the first step in gutting the 2nd Amendment Click Here for Story

Giving Up on Public Education

Homeschooling on the rise amid Covid epidemic Click Here for Details

A Win Against Bump Stock Ban?

Appeals court reverses Bump Stock ban now on to SCOTUS? Click Here for Story

Public Disagrees…

Of Biden handling of gun rights Click Here for Details

Biden’s Vaccine Passports

Would require Covid passport to travel attend events and eat out? Click Here for Story

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