The News YOU Need to Know Tuesday October 19, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Once A Liar Always a Liar…

Russia hoaxster Christopher Steele stands by his unproven allegations Click Here for Story

Questionable Actions?

After making bad decisions Fed Chair Powell made some unseemly profits? Click Here for Details

DeWitt Schools Imposes Extreme Facemask Mandate On Young Children

‘Pull mask down, take a bite, pull mask up, repeat’

Is Stewart Waking Up?

John Stewart rebukes Jake Tapper in an interview question about Trump Click Here for Story

General Colin Powell Dies of Covid Complications?

Although fully vaccinated the former Join Chiefs Chair passed away Click Here for Story

School Board Controversy

Pennsylvania school board breaks away from National School Board group over CRT Click Here for Details

And More Criminals in the Capitol

House Staffer involved in Child Porn Click Here for Story

Wasteful Spending

Look where Democrats want to waste your tax dollars Click Here for Story

How Many Still Left Behind

We still don’t know how many Americans were left behind in Afghanistan Click Here for Story

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