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Shutdown Un-Constitutional?

Governor Tom Wolf listening aa Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine speaks to reporters. Governor Tom Wolf and Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine provided an update on the coronavirus known as COVID-19 and outline ongoing efforts to mitigate the virus in Pennsylvania. The Department of Health anticipates that there …

Judge rules against Pennsylvania shutdown Click Here for Story

Senate Oddity

Intel Committee reject request for info from other Senate committees Click Here for Details

Time to Classify Them as Terrorists

BLM has gone way too far Click Here for Details

Another Deepstate Coup

HHS official says there are parts of government undermining the President Click Here for Story

Wrong Again

Biden wrong about North Korea Click Here for Details

Governor Newsom Supports Pedophiles?

Signs law loosening restrictions against pedophiles Click Here for Details

Barr on The Durham Report

EXCLUSIVE: AG Barr Discusses Timing of the Durham Investigation

AG Barr updates on the status Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

An image of Venus, made with data recorded by Japan’s Akatsuki spacecraft in 2016. So close, so similar and very mysterious, the planet is surprising scientists with a chemical signature spotted in its clouds.

Life on Venus? Click Here for Details

Satanists for Biden?

This election gets wackier b the day Click Here for Details

Ready to Steal ?

Biden camp moves lawyers into position to steal the election? Click Here for Story

A Typical Democrat Story

Susan Sandler

Heiress to predatory lending business will donate big time to Democrats Click Here for Story

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