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Anarchist Jurisdictions

Police Respond To Continued Protests In Portland

Cities allowing violent riots get new designation from Justice Dept Click Here for Story

What Ruth Said…

RBG Backed Election-Year Appointments

Forget the alleged last wish of Justice Ginsburg listen to what she said about the Democrats packing the Supreme Court
Click Here for Details and Here for More Ginsburg Quotes


Liberals targeting and threatening GOP Senators over SCOTUS issue Click Here for Story

Doxxing That Causes Harm Becomes 10-Year Felony Under Michigan House Bill

Posting private or identifying information about an individual with malicious intent

From the Science Side…

First Ever Preserved Grown Up Cave Bear - Even Its Nose Is Intact - Unearthed On Siberian Arctic Island

39,000 year old perfectly preserved bear found in Siberia Click Here for Details

SCOTUS Nominee by the Weekend?

POTUS says he may name a nominee by Friday or Saturday of this week Click Here for Details

China Threats

Chinese video shows simulated attack on US? Click Here for Details

Yes, POTUS and Senate Have the Right to Appoint A Justice

Constitutionally speaking its a right and possibly a duty to fill the vacancy Click Here for Story

The Enemy Within

CHina is seeking to co-opt US institutions for their benefit Click Here for Details

The Lagoa Option

SCOTUS Showdown: A Case for Nominating Barbara Lagoa

Another great candidate for Trump’s nominee is Barbara Lagoa Click Here for Details

Pelosi Threats

Democrats threaten impeachment of POTUS for doing his Constitutional duty? Click Here for Story

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