The News YOU Need to Know Wednesday January 13, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden Team Will Be Pro-Iran

CIA pick has history of back door deals with Iran Click Here for Story

Citing the American Revolution … Baraga County Officials Revolt Against State COVID Orders

Upper Peninsula community’s leaders point to their oath

Pelosi Kept Money from Americans

Reporter gets Nancy to admit Click Here for Story

Metrics Appear To Meet Goals Specified To Reopen Michigan

Fewer COVID cases in hospital, fewer confirmed new daily cases, fewer positives in those who get testedRead more

Be Careful Out There

Violence threats abound before inauguration Click Here for Story

What Liberals Think of YOU

Take kids away from conservatives? Click Here for Details

Douche Bank

German bank goes full liberal woke Click Here for Story

Open Border

Caravans full of migrants ready to invade with a Biden Presidency Click Here for Details

Party of Hate

Democrats can’t accomplish anything constructive so they fan hate and division instead Click Here for Story

Facebook Colludes in Election Theft?

Facebook removing all #StopTheSteal references Click Here for Story

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