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Hmmm Sinema Wants to Keep Filibuster

In Arizona, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema runs hard to the middle

The left not happy with one of their own Click Here for Story

Obviously Its NOT Constitutional

SCOTUS Chief Roberts won’t preside over impeachment because its not Consitutional ? Click Here for Story

611,045 Vaccinated In Michigan; New Cases Plummet

A True Dictator ?

Biden to sign series of executive orders aimed at racial equity

A flurry of EOs from Biden show him to be truly autocratic Click Here for Story

‘Betsy Ross’ Flags, Used At Biden Inaugural, Signaled ‘Exclusion And Hate’ at Michigan School Game

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Hurting the Poor and Middle Class

Biden policies are already adversely affecting those who can least afford it Click Here for Story

Scandals Ahoy

FILE - In this July 25, 2013, file photo Alejandro Mayorkas, President Obama's nominee to become deputy secretary of the Homeland Security Department, testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing on his nomination. President-elect Joe Biden is filling out his administration …

Biden cabinet picks are scandal ridden Click Here for Story

And More Corruption

Biden Secretary of State pick also has bad history Click Here for Details

Latest on Declassification

More on the Russian Collusion hoax Click Here for Story

Anti-Semite Heading Biden Intel?

The choices get worse by the day Click Here for Story

Child Abuse

Keeping kids out of the classroom is simply child abuse Click Here for Story

The Wrong Direction

woman wearing a black face mask and gray sweatshirt picks up a us flag

88% of Americans now not happy with the US Click Here for Details

Lying Biden

The Plagiarizer in Chief gets caught red handed again Click Here for Story

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