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Time to End Teacher’s Unions or Move to a New Education System

Teacher’s unions are pushing for another school year of lockdowns and hurting children’s education Click Here for Story

The Biden Economy

A record 4.5 million quit their jobs in November Click Here for Details

Michigan Hospitals Holding Their Own Against COVID Surge

A Win for US SEALS

Judge blocks mandate for US Navy SEAL team members Click Here for Story

More Phony Media?

Did People magazine really do an interview with Betty White? Click Here for Details

Europeans Never Learn

Italy may completely ban the unvaccinated from workplaces…what’s next concentration camps? Click Here for Story

The Real Threat is China….

The leftist media wants you to be worried about Russia when China is the real threat to America and the west Click Here for Details

Mass Formation Psychosis

Think the world has been fooled by a giant Psychological operation? You’re right. Click Here for Story

Mandates Hurting Children

Masking and vaccination mandates are not good for our kids Click Here for Story

Destroying Urban America

Democrats are destroying America’s largest cities Click Here for Details

A Socialist Elite By Any Other Name…

Stacey Abrams looks to rebrand herself and her anti-American policies but its the same old socialism Click Here for Story

Its Just Wrong…

Closing down schools again over Omicron makes no sense Click Here for Details

The Ultimate Hypocrite

USA: Police visit Twitter user for criticising Congresswoman AOC

AOC has become the ultimate poster child for hypocrisy Click Here for Story

Name the Names!

Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty of recruiting underage girls to be sexually  abused by Jeffrey Epstein | US News | Sky News

What criminal pedophiles was Ghislaine Maxwell serving? They are just as guilty and the world should know who they are Click Here for Details

Future of Despair

If Democrats take over elections there won’t be a Republic anymore Click Here for Story

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