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Georgia Runoff


Latest results Click Here for Details

VP Pence

Will preside over electoral count ,will he just play along or stop the steal? Click Here for Details

Not Welcome?

Washington DC and Big Tech conspire to stop March on Washington Click Here for Story

The Real Collusion

China colluded with Democrats and Biden for the 2020 election Click Here for Details

Wall Win

Trump Admin hits 450 mile goal for border wall in 2020 Click Here for Story

Evil Buys No Good Will

Georgia’s Secretary of State didn’t curry favor with Stacy Abrams in stealing the election for Biden Click Here for Story


Governor Noem warns of the consequence of Democrat control Click Here for Details

The Biden America

Antifa shows up at Senator Josh Hawley’s doorstep to harass his wife and baby Click Here for Story

China Still Hiding

WHO Chief 'Very Disappointed' China Has Not Let In Coronavirus Experts

WHO inspectors still not let inside China Click Here for Details

Soros + Attorney Generals = High Crime

George Soros-Backed Prosecutor Leads St. Louis to 50-Year-High Murder Rate

What is behind George Soros funding elections of soft on crime AGs? Click Here for Story

RINOs Making a Comeback

If Trump leaves office does he take the Republican’s spines with him? Click Here for Story

Vice Plagiarizer in Chief

Kamala Harris follows in Joe Biden footsteps with lies and plagiarism Click Here for Story

Europe Picks the Wrong Side Again

EU cutting deals with China Click Here for Details

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