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Democrat Propaganda Arms

Media coverage of GOP is 87% negative and worse for some GOP candidates Click Here for Story

Why Is the FBI Asking to Hide Seth Rich Info for 66 Years?

Discussing the death and life of Seth Rich with Andy Kroll: podcast and  transcript

More evidence the FBI wants to hide its deep state corruption from the public Click Here for Details

No Amnesty for the Covid Nazis

The Atlantic magazine wants forgiveness for the Covid Nazis, never forget and never forgive what they did to you, your children and your country Click Here for Details

Teachers union spends $1M on Michigan governor’s race

Teachers unions dish out cash for Whitmer and school board candidates; media is critical of conservatives who do the same

Good News for Blake Masters

Blake Masters Wins Arizona GOP US Senate Race to Face Kelly - Bloomberg

Libertarian candidate in Arizona Senate race drops out and endorses Blake Masters over Democrat Mark Kelly Click Here for Story

If governors can’t fix global inflation, they can’t stop global viruses

Whitmer’s admission of reality is reason to sign bills limiting emergency powersRead more

Pelosi Attacker is an Illegal Immigrant?

Well open borders and the violent criminals it allows can hit anywhere in the US even the rich and politically connected Click Here for Details

Courts Out of Control

Judge orders the arrest of two people who exposed election cheating in the 2020 election Click Here for Story

Votify Now App

Votifynow memes. Best Collection of funny Votifynow pictures on iFunny

Voters can now report election fraud in real time in Arizona? Click Here for Details

Biden Breaking the Law with EV Policies?

Biden is circumventing the legislative branch illegally to push people into electric vehicles that our country already can’t support? Click Here for Story

Democrats Don’t Support Women

All talk but in reality Democrats like this congresswoman do not practice what they preach Click Here for Story

Biden Wants the Open Border

New report says the Guatemalan President offered to deport immigrants before they even got to Mexico for the trip to US, Biden said No?? Click Here for Story

Bad News for McMuffin?

Polling in Utah shows Senator Lee 10 points ahead of Deep State phony Evan McMullin Click Here for Details

Did The Leftist Global Elite Steal the Brazilian Election?

Its looking a lot like the questionable 2020 election in the US? Click Here for Details

IS A Food Shortage Coming?

Democrat policies have screwed up the entire US economy and that may mean food is the next big issue Click Here for Story

The Twitter Takeover

Elon Musk smiling in a 2020 file photo.

Its entertainment in and of itself Click Here for Details

Drop and Roll?

What is this election stealing technique? Click Here for Story

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