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Cowardly Biden or CCP Lapdog?

Biden approval falls, holding near low end of his presidency, Reuters/Ipsos  finds | Reuters

Joe Biden won’t speak up in support of China’s people protesting against the inhumane treatment by the Chinese Communist government Click Here for Story And Here for Admins Response

The Steal Must Not Stand

Arizona’s illegitimate election must not stand or we legitimize thievery and election fraud Click Here for Story

Enforcing Stolen Elections

Arizona county officials who refuse to certify the fraudulaent election are being threatened Click Here for Story

In Michigan, the lame duck won’t quack

Republican-controlled Legislature will end its reign with a thin schedule; Whitmer signs nearly 1,000 bills in first term Read more

WHO and US Government ARE the Real Racists

Changing the name of Monkey pox is racist in and of itself Click Here for Story

China Crackdown

Chinese government brings in military to squash Covid lockdown protests Click Here for Story

Now A Common Thief

Sam Brinton during The Trevor Project's TrevorLIVE LA 2019 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on November 17, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Tasia Wells/Getty Images for The Trevor Project)

Biden’s odd gender fluid Assistant Secretary official, Sam Brinton, is accused of stealing luggage Click Here for Story

CDC Corruption or Incompetence?

CDC knew vaccines had Myocarditis issues but left off of post-vax surveys Click Here for Story

RNC Needs A True Conservative Fighter

Mike Lindell will run for RNC Chair? Click Here for Story

Could California’s Election Laws Be Fixed?

Appeals court clears way for groups to fight the corrupt and fraudulent California election system Click Here for Story

What The ??

Al Sharpton is not a lifelong fighter for justice - The Washington Post

MSNBC invites anti-Semite Al Sharpton to discuss why anti-Semites are bad?? Click Here for Details

No Sh!t Sherlock…

Pentagon spox John Kirby dismisses concerns about 'wokeness' in the  military: 'ridiculous' | Fox News

NSCC’s John Kirby says lifting sanctions on Venezuela for oil production and sale is not climate change benefit. Venezuela is one of the dirtiest producers of oil in the world Click Here for Story

Biden’s Failure Falls on Congress

After Biden took his victory lap on allegedly averting the national Rail Strike he now has to ask Congress to address and stop it Click Here for Details

Dr Naomi Wolf: The War on Human Intimacy…and Survival

Another Embarrassing Disney Failure…

Or was it really an accident Click Here for Story

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