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Latest Election Results in Michigan

Click Here for Results

National Election Results

Click Here for Info

Suspicious Activity in Detroit?

Odd activity reported at warehouse near Detroit Election Center Click Here for Story

Getting Rid of Biden

If GOP takes both houses the problems with Biden won’t be ignored Click Here for Details

Really? Michigan Secretary of State: Votes will be counted within 24 hours

Biden has tried to lower expectations, saying it would take days to count votes Read more

Pre-emptive Challenge?

An imminent loss by Fetterman already has Democrats making court challenges Click Here for Story

Whitmer’s closing argument includes her failure to raise gas taxes, shut down Line 5

If Whitmer had things her way, energy would be more expensive and less reliable in Michigan

Can McConnell Be Replaced?

Talk grows of Mitch McConnell NOT being the Majority Senate leader Click Here for Story

Michigan school districts might face higher costs from union-friendly legislation

Proposal would require districts to pay increased costs even if there is no contract Read more

Un-Constitutional NY Gun Law Gets Blocked?

Social media can’t be part of review? Click Here for Details

DOJ Election Interference

More corrupt behavior from Merrick Garland and his DOJ as they attempt to intimidate conservative states Click Here for Story

Ripe for Fraud

Why in the last 3 elections cycles has counting ballots become an issue? It should never take days or weeks like in 3rd world countries Click Here for Story

Anti-Semite Democrats

Why does the Democrat party support anti-Semite candidates? Click Here for Details

Pushback on Feds

Governor DeSantis tells Fed election monitors to get lost Click Here for Story

Will Democrats Get More Violent?

Democrats are notorious for their violent behavior to push their extreme agenda will election losses make it even worse? Click Here for Story

KJP: Liar Extraordinaire or Just Incompetent?

Press Secretary says she didn’t hear Biden say he would shut down coal power plants? Click Here for Details

WHOA! What Is In the Vaccine?

Microscopy is showing some oddities in vaccines and the blood of those receiving it Click Here for Story

Being a Bad Mayor Doesn’t Make Your Constituents Racists

Mayor Lighfoot claims 75% of Chicagoans are racists? Click Here for Story

Voting Irregularities

Machines acting up and strange coincidences at guess where? Liberal jurisdictions Click Here for Story and Here for Another

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