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Impeachment Inquiry Begins

Inside Kevin McCarthy's struggle to lock down the speakership | CNN Politics

Speaker McCarthy announces Impeachment inquiry to begin against Joe Biden Click Here for Story

YOU As the Guinea Pig

Housing and husbandry: Guinea pig | NC3Rs

Of couse the FDA would approve another round of experimental vaccines Click here for Details

What Was He Hiding?

Joe Biden had another alias for his emails Click Here for Details

Michigan test results quantify COVID-era learning loss

Struggles in early grades predict trouble in later years

When Government Fails…

JP MOrgan informed the government about a $Billion in suspicious transactions by Jeffrey Epstein Click Here for Story

32-hour work week would be the end of Detroit

If Detroit becomes a part-time town, it will stop being Detroit.Read more

Government Preventing Your Election Choice

Why are so many government bureaucrats trying to keep Trump off ballot? Click Here for Details

There Really Was a Sodom?

Ancient city seems to have been destroyed by an atomic blast? Click Here for Details

Lyin Biden

Joe Biden Is Making a Bold Bet: Trump's Indictments Will Speak for  Themselves | Vanity Fair

All the ways Biden has lied to Americans Click Here for Story

The Corrupt CIA

Whistleblower says CIA officials were paid to manipulate views on Covid origin? Click Here for Story

The Sick and Demented Liberal Media

Their evil is blatant Click Here for Details

Biden Admin’s Answer to The Border Crisis?

Just release more of them into the US ?? Click Here for Story

Would RFK Jr Run Independent?

Will Democrats give RFK Jr. a shot at primarying Biden if not what will he do? Click Here for Story

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