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Bank Wire Biden…So It Is So, Eh Joe?

Hunter Biden received Chinese bank wires to Joe Biden’s address? Click Here for Story

Unions Just Can’t Get Off the Democrat Plantation

Despite Democrats opening borders to bring in more workers and drive down wages union leaderships are still backing the Democrat party and shooting their members in the foot Click Here for Story

Shutdown IS Necessary

The outrageous spending by the US government must stop Click Here for Details

Ford pauses EV battery project; UAW calls decision ‘shameful’

Though the Ford-CATL project sought non-union labor, striking union sees pause as a threat

Another Biden Admin Scandal

Jennifer Granholm’s disgraceful EV trip gets investigated Click Here for Details

Midland nonprofit gets $1M state earmark for training educators, students

Managing emotions, developing resiliency among the topics coveredRead more


Yoga and organising are two new skills that can be added to Optimus' growing list of capabilities

Elon Musk’s robot can do yoga? Click Here for Story


Making home prices even more unaffordable Click Here for Details

Failing Foreign Policy

Biden is gaining more enemies overseas Click Here for Story

Americans WANT Border Security

Biden’s open border is opposed by two thirds of Americans Click Here for Story


Hunter Biden legal team now trying to sue Giuliani for hacking into his abandoned laptop? Click Here for Details

Confessions by The CDC

How much lying did the CDC do during the plandemic? Click Here for Story

Media is Done with Biden

Release of the latest WAPO poll shows big media is ready to stop using Biden and move on to their next pawn Click Here for Story

Another High Profile Death of Russian Commander

Russia has seemingly lost a fair number of its high level commanders Click Here for Details

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