Thursday April 12, 2018

Paul Ryan Retiring

Speaker announces retirement and no run for 2018 Click Here for Story

Money For Roads Doesn’t Go Where It’s Needed The Most

 In Michigan, the roads that are most traveled and most in need in repair are not a priority. … more

The Great Lakes Trough Truce

 The 2018 federal budget includes a block of money that goes to groups that do things in the Great Lakes. The Trump administration wanted to lower that funding. But 185 groups banded together to oppose any spending reductions. … more

Mueller’s Facism

Image result for mueller as hitler Raid on attorney’s office should worry everyone Click Here for Details

Can Russia Protect Assad?

Russia vows to shoot down any missiles sent toward Syria Click Here for Details

“Lying Jim”

Lying Jim Comey calls POTUS a mob boss? Click Here for Story

Yes Mitch Yes

 Senate Majority Leader McConnell to entertain cutbacks on Omnibus? Click Here for Story

Liberal Media Fail

No one cares about Stormy Daniels story Click Here for Details


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