Thursday April 19, 2018

Time for Arrests?

053117 Comey Clinton emails pic GOP lawmakers calling for arrests of Clinton, Comey and others? Click Here for Story

Grand Valley State’s New Intersectionality And Systemic Racism Radio Reporter

 At a time when the news industry is shedding jobs, the Grand Valley State University public radio station is creating a position it calls “an inclusion reporter.” … more

Special Tax Breaks For Privileged Firms Means Money Comes From Someone Else

 Every year across the state of Michigan, local governments approve property tax breaks that benefit businesses in a politically driven economic development system. … more

Bad Education

Professor shouts ‘f*** your life!’ at conservative student during class; college is investigating Disgusting liberal professors educating your children Click Here for Story

Liberal professor dances ‘happily on the grave’ of Barbara Bush. The college responds.Hating professors show their disgraceful behavior Click Here for Details

Pompeo Meets Un?

Did Director Mike Pompeo meet with Kim Jung Un Click Here for Story and Video

Castro Replacement

Cuba's Miguel Diaz-Canel, 57, has spent three decades climbing to the top echelons of the island's all-powerful Communist Party (AFP Photo/ADALBERTO ROQUE)Raul Castro turning over control to a new dictator? Click Here for Details

The Fix Was In?

McCabe was pressured to shut down Hillary investigation Click Here for Story

Citibank Might Get Punished?

Congressman wants to punish Citibank for their anti-gun stance Click Here for Details

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