Thursday August 15, 2019 The Daily Drift

Joe’s Past

Another past issue will haunt Joe Biden campaign Click Here for Details

Municipal Broadband Boosters Like City Of Marshall’s Chances

But research suggests most government-run internet operations are a money pit for taxpayers

AOC Just Another Special Interest Outsider?

Leading in fundraising but no donors from her district? Click Here for Details

Media Pushing Recession?

Is the economy poised for recession or is bad news being pumped up? Click Here for Story

Warren Rising?

Now tying Biden for lead in Dem primary race ? Click Here for Details

Doxxed Trump Supporters Get Support from Customers

  Doxxing Trump supporters backfires on Democrats Click Here for Story

Democrats Want to Sideline Americans

Bring immigrants to the MidWest and cause unemployment for Americans? Click Here for Details

Liberal Lies

The mainstream media keeps pushing lies to hurt conservatives and POTUS Click Here for Story

The Latest on Epstein

Guards asleep? Click Here for Story  Shrieking heard from Epstein cell Click Here for Details  Epstein co-hort sued Click Here for Story

Stop the Myth

Americans will take these jobs if illegals are removed  Click Here for Details

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