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FBI: Massive Criminal Conspiracy

Lindsey Graham: 'System Failed'<br>in FBI's Trump-Russia ProbeSenate knows what Horowitz is not talking about Click Here for Story

FBI: Chain of Command Failed

The Associated Press  Horowitz condemns FBI leadership on FISA process  Click Here for Details

Oakland County’s New Chief Diversity Officer To Get Up To $143k

Brooks Patterson got $201,193 a year

Not Being Taught

Students tout Medicare for All …until they hear what it is Click Here for Details

Dues-Paying Membership In Teachers Union Has Collapsed Since Right-To-Work

MEA’s persuasion and manipulative contract extensions not enough to keep teachers paying

Senate GOP May Cover Up Democrat and Washington Elite’s Crimes

Won’t allow testimony of POTUS witnesses? Click Here for Details

Jersey Shooter Identified

A Black Israelite was the shooter Click Here for Story

UN Threatens the US?

United Nations says Climate Reparations must be paid by the US? Click Here for Story

Setting a Bad Precedent

 Not cracking down on Antifa will only lead to more violence Click Here for Details

Ukraine Did Meddle in 2016 Election

And it wasn’t Trump Campaign benefitting Click Here for Story

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