Thursday December 26, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com


Not Dignified

Pelosi’s actions with the impeachment articles are disrespectful of the process Click Here for Story

Ho Ho Oh No

Government as Santa Click Here for Story

70 Times Gunshots Fired On School Grounds In Michigan Since 1970

Michigan schools tax, borrow and spend big for security

The Magic of Christmas

Sometimes you have to look for it Click Here for Details

Why Republicans Lose?

Senator Murkowski shows why Republicans lose to Democrats regularly Click Here for Story

The Trump Economy

Huge Stock Market gains led by American resurgence? Click Here for Details

Not So Christian

Franklin Graham comments on Christianity Today being in lockstep with anti-Christian liberals Click Here for Story and Video

Educate Yourself on The Atttempted Coup

One of the best sources for facts on attempts to remove the President Click Here for Details


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