Thursday January 31, 2013

Selling Out to the Chinese?

A123 Systems sells out to Chinese Comapany after receiving US bailout? Click Here for Details

Marlin Sinks Fishing Boat

This time the fish won Click Here for Story and Pics

Monaghan Gets Schuette Support

Michigan AG supports Tom Monaghan’s lawsuit against Feds Click Here for Story

Pie in the Sky

Howell looks at building a train station for a boondoggle that may never come Click Here for Details

Charter Schools Out Perform Public?

Top schools are Charter schools Click Here for Details

School Union Proposes 9-Year Contract To Prevent Members From Exercising Right To Not Pay Dues

Berkley Education Association tries to avoid right-to-work law

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Follow Tom Gantert on Twitter

The Berkley Education Association is considering a collective bargaining agreement that would run through June 30, 2022 that would… Click Here for Story

Unions and School Board Collusion

Approving contracts that prevent members from leaving before the new Right to Work Law goes into effect Click Here for Details

Money for Nothing?

Fed Treasury never made GMAC file plan for recovery in order to get bailout Click Here for Story

Special Forces Believe in 2nd Amendment

Over 1000 Green Berets sign 2nd amendment support letter Click Here for Details

The Knock on the Door

Obma Admin ready to start implementing Individual Mandate Click Here for Story

Shirker in Chief

Obama Admin doesn’t want to take responsibility for contracting economy Click Here for Details


Governor Cuomo’s approval ratings drop after his gun ban passes Click Here for Story

Israel Hits Syrian Convoy

Worries about high tech eapons going to Hezbollah Click Here for Details

To Pervert or Not to Pervert

Senator Menendez under FBI investigation over underage prostitute scandal or financial mischief? Click Here for Video

The Truth Hurts?

Head of NAACP says blacks are doing worse under Obama? Click Here for Story

China, North Korea and Egypt?

Sharing missile technology Click Here for Details

And We’re Still Giving Egypt F-16s?

Senator Rand Paul wants to stop it Click Here for Story






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