Thursday July 25, 2019 The Daily Drift

Didn’t Know His Own Report

Mueller not familiar with his own report Click Here for Details  and Totally Confused Click Here for Story

What the ?

This is taking the agenda waaay too far? Click Here for Story

Teachers Union Will Promote Concept Of ‘White Fragility’

NEA: ‘White supremacy culture has fashioned a social norm …’

Green Groups, Politicians, Media, Love Electric Cars, Consumers Cold On Them

Ford sales of plug-in electric cars down from 3,000 a month to less than 500

Mueller The Biased

Gets ripped at hearing Click Here for Details

Not A Friend to Women

 Rep Ilhan Omar berates questioner on female mutilation question Click Here for Details

Mueller Caught in Contradiction

Lying or contradicting himself? Click Here for Story



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