Thursday July 4, 2013

July Fourth Independence Day

Thank a Veteran!

Washtenaw Parades for the Fourth

Information on Independence Day Celebrations Click Here for Story

Livingston County Celebrations

Lots to do today in Livingston County Click Here for Details

BREAKING:  Morsi Out in Egypt

Egyptian military removes President Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood from office as the will of the people Click Here for Story

John Adams Repents in Heaven

By Michael D. LaFaive |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, is it too much to ask politicians the world over not to stuff themselves into every arena of American life? Is it not too much to ask for a little independence? … more

Why Politicians Won’t Cut Spending

Play Video Below

Michigan Radio Doubles Down on ‘Anemic’ Job Growth Claim

Economist: NPR affiliate wrong about job growth

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

After Michigan Capitol Confidential contacted Michigan Radio Host Lester Graham to ask about his claim that job growth in Michigan has been “anemic,” he did a second show to try and prove his point, which prompted University of Michigan Economist Don Grimes to chime in and say Graham was still wrong. … more

Medicaid Expansion…What’s the Rush?

Gov. Snyder applying serious pressure to get Michigan Senate to approve key Obamacare provision

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Gov. Rick Snyder desperately wants Medicaid expanded in Michigan and is going to great lengths to try and make it happen. He’s pressuring state Senators to pass a bill and he’s on a statewide tour promoting Medicaid expansion, but now he’s calling it, “Healthy Michigan.” … more

Obama Concerned About Egyptian Ouster

Is he more worried about Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood or the people of Egypt who called for Morsi’s ouster? Click Here for Story

How to Handle a Burglar?

Homeowner shows burglar “The Ropes” Click Here for Story and Video

Obamacare Delay

Does this signify mounting problems with the program? Click Here for Details

Evidence of Being Dirty?

Was Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood Involved in Benghazi Attacks? Click Here for Story

Spender in Chief

Obama’s Air Force One Bill getting large Click Here for Details

White House Manipulates the Press

Obama Admin pushed reporters to look into Congressman Issa Click Here for Story

Obamacare Delay Designed to Help Dems with 2014 Election?

Odd delay has some political implications for struggling Democrat candidates Click Here for Details

Senate Immigration Bill Won’t Stop Illegal Immigation

Congressional Budget Office says it will only reduce it (That’s why we need to secure the border first dummies) Click Here for Story

EU Votes to Scrap Data Sharing with US

US’s NSA snooping having ill-effect on Euro relations Click Here for Details

GSA Now has Video Scandals

Wasting taxpayer money is the norm in Washington Click Here for Story

See Three of them here Rap Music VideoThe Rocky Jog–   Directors Meeting

Told You Before

Thousands using overseas children as tax breaks and the IRS does nothing? Click Here for Details






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