Thursday June 14, 2018

Flag Day

Happy Anniversary Don and Margaret!

Deep State Bullying?

Dershowitz screenshotDershowitz says Rosenstein should not be able to get away with threatening Congress Click Here for Story

State Taxpayers Seeing Payoff From Smaller Prison Population

 The Michigan Department of Corrections is slated to close another prison sometime during the middle of next year.  … more

Michigan Lawmakers Consider More Handouts

  Legislators are considering whether to give more subsidies to select companies, and the proposals seem to be getting a favorable ear.  … more

2nd Amendment Win

Judge issues restraining order preventing Illinois city from confiscating its citizens’ gunsJudge prevents Illinois city from seizing guns Click Here for Details

Mueller Sinking

Polls shows Special Counsel is sinking to an all time low Click Here for Story

Next on Agenda?

Middle East Peace Click Here for Details

Stop the Spending!

Despite record tax collection Feds still over spending Click Here for Story

Dems and Elites Worried?

Latest primaries show more support for Trump Agenda and supporters Click Here for Details and Video


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