Thursday June 28, 2018

SCOTUS Justice Kennedy Retiring

What it might mean to possible upcoming cases Click Here for Details

State Business Handout Program Wastes Another $2 million

 The state’s Michigan Business Development Program, a creation of the Gov. Rick Snyder administration, was meant to replace the demonstrably failed Michigan Economic Growth Authority program and — presumably — have more success at creating jobs.  … more

Michigan Subsidizes Amazon, Even Without Second HQ Project

  Amazon shunned Michigan in its selection process for a second headquarters. Even so, the company benefits from millions of dollars of business subsidies given out by the state’s corporate welfare office. … more

Gotta Love Chick-Fil A

Chick-fil-A employee saves the life of choking customer — and it was all caught on videoEmployee saves customer Click Here for Story

Why A Closed Hearing?

FBI agent grilled over texts in long, closed-door hearingFBI’s Strzok testimony should be open to public Click Here for Details

Disgusting Haters

Almost 60% of Americans in fear of attacks by Trump Haters Click Here for Story

More Winning for America

SCOTUS hits public sector unions for political support Click Here for Details

The Truth About Trump Travel Ban

Only 8% of Muslims worldwide affected Click Here for Story

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