Thursday June 7, 2018

Impacts from Super Tuesday

What were the takeaways from Tuesday’s election results? Click Here for Story

Elites Protecting Themselves

Paul Ryan jumps on the “Defend the FBI” bandwagon Click Here for Story

Washtenaw County Township Builds Internet Service

A rural community with less than 3,000 residents in western Washtenaw County is preparing to build a municipal fiber-optic network that would connect to every home and business in the township. … more

Parents Rip Peterson

Parkland parents rip apart ‘liar’ Scot Peterson for playing victim after breaking silenceWhat Blue WaveSheriff Deputy gets verbal retaliation from Parkland Parents Click Here for Story

More Dirty Obama Business

Did Obama Admin try to give Iran access? Click Here for Details

What Blue Wave?

Results in California don’t bode well for Dems in November? Click Here for Story




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