Thursday March 26, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Why Is China Sending Out Bad Test Kits?

Should China pay a price for its action on COVID 19? Click Here for Story

The Virus Economy

Unemployment claims soar as layoffs hit due to pandemic conditions Click Here for Details

Good Find

5000 Respirators masks found in Cathedral Click Here for Story

If Only Other Stores Could Have Raised Toilet Paper Prices

Buyer happy with $1.75 per roll from convenience store versus 32 cents and no rolls at big stores

Corona Stimulus Package

What’s in it? Click Here for Details

MDE Memo Sends Wrong Message

Families need more flexibility

The Panic Page

Drudge Report joins the MSM on Corona panic push Click Here to See

Satanist Democrats?

How evil have party leaders become? Click Here for Story

Looking Good

Trump Admin is getting approval for virus handling Click Here for Details


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