Thursday March 29, 2018

Sessions Stepping Up?

 Reports that AG Sessions is tired of FBI slow walk of requested Congressional subpoenas Click Here for Details

Shop and Deliver!

Kroger stores can now shop for you and deliver groceries Click Here for Details

Bipartisanship on Criminal Justice Reform Continues to Grow

 In a recent op-ed in the Grand Rapids Business Journal, Doug DeVos, former chair of the West Michigan Policy Forum, outlines why “criminal justice reform is the right thing to do, for all of us.” Citing Michigan’s high corrections spending and relatively high crime rate, DeVos calls for change. … more

Two-Thirds Of Last Year’s Gas-Tax Hike Pays Debt On Roadwork Done Years Ago

 While Michigan politicians are engulfed in perennial debates over finding more money for road repairs, each year about $200 million of current state transportation revenue goes not for concrete and asphalt, but to repay debt incurred on road repairs completed years earlier. … more

Too Far?

Middle schooler facing criminal charges for pointing cellphone at other students like it was a gun Middle Schooler in trouble for pointing cell phone like a gun? Click Here for Details

What’s Up with Gowdy

GOP Congressman has folks on both sides guessing Click Here for Story and Video

Well Done

Roseanne revival gets huge TV ratings Click Here for Details and Video

Amazon in the Crosshairs?

Is the giant retailer facinganti-trust laws? Click Here for Story

More Troubling FBI Texts

Yet another suspicious text involving James Comey Click Here for Details

Being Used

Only 10% of last weeks gun protesters were students Click Here for Story

Democrats Want Illegals Represented in Congress

This is why they are against census asking about citizenship Click Here for Details and Video

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