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Naming the UnMaskers

Obama Admin officials who may have been  involved in the unmasking of  General Flynn released Click Here for Story and Video

Governor Whitmer the Tyrant

Judge Rules Barber in WI Can OpenStrips barbershop of its license for opening under her unconstitutional order Click Here for Details

The Deep State Is Real…

And they tried to undo an election Click Here for Story

Don’t Trust Fauci?

Don’t let bureaucrats destroy the economy Click Here for Details

Blue Angels Over Michigan

Stunning video of the flyover Click Here for Details

Lawsuit: State Can Lock Us Down, Not Lock Us In

Law students argue travel ban violates due process, equal protection rights

Covid Lock Down Is Killing People

Mother dies during childbirth because of Covid restrictions Click Here for Story

Brewery Closes Due To COVID-19 Lockdown

Big Cat Brewing served its last brew in a county with no reported coronavirus deaths

Shut Downs Are Hurting the Poor

Low income households being hit hard by state lock downs Click Here for Story

Michigan: 2,919 ICU Beds, 667 COVID-19 ICU Patients

Read more

Government Orders 500 Million Injection Devices?

Contract awarded is this for vaccines? Click Here for Details

Election Influence?

Are Blue State governors trying to influence the election with shutdowns? Click Here for Story

Open Up

Not opening schools is not an option Click Here for Details


John Brennan must pay for his treachery Click Here for Story

Straight Up the Chain?

Obama highly involved Click Here for Story


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