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Bringing Back Manufacturing

Coronavirus underscores why Trump wanted American Manufacturing to return home Click Here for Story

POTUS in Michigan

President Trump to visit facility in Michigan today Click Here for Story

Michigan Dam Failures

Mid Michigan inundated with flood waters after dams break Click Here for Details

Whitmer Spokesman Ties GOP Leader To Hitler Signs At Protest — But Governor Failed Same Test

Hitler references not appropriate in US politics


Senator Ted Cruz reminds liberals why what the Obama Admin did was so bad Click Here for Story

Midland Indoor Trampoline Park Closes Due To COVID-19 Lockdown

Owner: My entire life’s work is gone

Pushing Election Fraud

Democrat governors sending mail in ballots to voters Click Here for Story

Attacking the Constitution

The death of the American Constitution

From Democrats to media to COronavirus the Constitution is taking a lot of hits Click Here for Story

Corrupt Transition

 Newly appointed National Security Advisor Susan Rice is embraced by President Barack Obama on June 5, 2013. (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Obama admin corrupted the presidential transition in 2017 Click Here for Details

Depressed Dems

New study says Democrats are unhappier than Republicans? Click Here for Story

Coup Revealed

Obamagate explained in video Click Here for Details

The Problem with WHO

See the problems in a timeline Click Here for Story

More Bad News for Biden

New evidence mounts to Ukrainian corruption Click Here for Details

Your Money Their Waste

Why taxdollars go to illegals and islam? Click Here for Story

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