Thursday October 11, 2018

Big Michael

Hurricane Michael hits Florida panhandle Click Here for Story

Tin Foil Rumors?

Haley departure leads media to guessing game on Nikki Haley leaving the UN Ambassadorship Click Here for Story

Wayne County Pensions Underwater; Union Sues To Preserve ‘13th Check’

‘A ridiculous practice’; pension fund is 43 percent short of amount needed to pay regular benefits

Teachers Union Insurer Sells Coverage For Some Nonunion Staff, But Not These Two

‘They are making an example out of us’

Lawless Left

Where is this violence leading to? Click Here for Details and Video

Leftists Burn Truck

Trump supporter gets vehicle burned by leftist mob Click Here for Details

Does This Mean Sessions is Out?

McConnell says next AG will not come from the Senate Click Here for Details


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