Thursday October 13, 2016


If Clinton's tax plans became law, the economy would generate 697,000 fewer jobs over the next decade. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)New independent report says Hillary Clinton’s tax plan would kill 700,000 jobs Click Here for Details

Bought Politicians?

Political Secret Cash finds loopholes to get to Michigan politicians Click Here for Story

The Lose-Lose Situation in Pension Funding

   Pension plans in governments are expensive yet are not especially generous.  … more

The Leak Continues to Flow!

Wikileaks continues releasing thousands of incriminating Clinton related emails Click Here for Story and Video

Closest Thing to Immortality? Government Programs

   A number of sources attribute jokes about government programs being the closest thing to immortality to President Ronald Reagan.  … more

Clinton Campaign Mocks Catholics?

Wikileak emails show more dirt from the sordid Clinton campaign Click Here for Details

7 Revelations from Wikileaks Dump

Judge Andrew Napolitano breaks down what you need to know from the WikiLeaks dumpIF media actually covered it Hillary would be toast Click Here for Story

CNN Tries to Hide Bill Clinton’s Illegitimate Son?

 CNN boss Zucker says no coverage of alleged Clinton illegitimate child Click Here for Story

Oh My Goodness

  Think Trump comments were bad take a look at this video Click Here for Story and Video

Hillary Knew Saudis Were Supporting ISIS

State dept won’t comment on revealed emails Click Here for Details 

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