Thursday October 27, 2016

Anchor Baby BOOM!

275,000 anchor babies born to illegals each year thats a city of Orlando Click Here for Story and Video

Chick-fil-A is Coming

Here are the first 20 Michigan locations for Chick-fil-A Click Here for Details

Metro Detroit Transit Tax Assumes Funding From State and Feds That May Never Come

 Officials with state and federal transportation agencies say they did not review funding assumptions for the Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan’s $4.6 billion metro Detroit transit tax proposal. … more

Media is Failing at Its Job

AP file   Networks have spent virtually no time on issues for the election Click Here for Details

Most Damning Clinton Wikileaks Emails Released Show Disdain for Americans

Defined-Contribution Plans Help State Credit

  It is unlikely that converting Michigan’s school employee pension program to a defined-contribution system will tarnish the state’s credit rating.  … more

The Early Voting Myth

Florida Early voting, early voting st. petersburg florida, early voting florida 2016You can tell if a Democrat or Republican voted but you don’t know how they voted Click Here for Story

Democrats Stoking Violence

Media is ignoring attacks on Trump supporters Click Here for Details

Can’t Trust Electronic Voting Machines

Texas County Switches to Paper Ballots after Electronic Voting GlitchesToo many glitches causes one Texas County to switch to paper ballots Click Here for Story

Watch A Voting Machine Rig a Vote

See a voting machine turn a Republican vote to Democrat Click Here for Video

Border Flood Again

Illegals crossing into US is spiking ahead of election Click Here for Details and Video

Helmut Norpoth : TRUMP will be POTUS : Ignore what Polls say

Dirty Hillary

Robert Creamer and Jan Schakowsky (J. Scott Applewhite / Associated Press)Was on the phone with dirty Robert Creamer every day Click Here for Story

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