Thursday October 4, 2018

Flipping the Script

Democrats bashing Kavanaugh have their own issues to hide Click Here for Story

Latest Criticism of Charter Schools Ignores (Again) Key Data

Comparisons dismiss the greater obstacles poor kids must overcome to do well in school

Ford Story Falling Apart

Accuser’s ex boyfriend signs statement that disputes Christine Ford testimony Click Here for Story

Happy New (Fiscal) Year; State Spending Up But Not By Much

Inflation-adjusted figures show Snyder mostly held the line on spending

Enough of the UN

UN court tells US to lift sanctions? Click Here for Story

FBI in Hotseat?

Pressure from all sides on FBI in Kavanaugh investigation Click Here for Details

Chinese Drones

Mid East is the new marketplace for armed Chis ainese drones Click Here for Story

6 Good Points on New Trade Deal

USMCA is steps in the right direction Click Here for Details


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