Tuesday April 10, 2018

Mueller’s Coup?

Image result for robert mueller ugly  Special Counsel raids President’s lawyer’s office Click Here for Story

Response to Syria?

Donald Trump on Syria chemical attack What will the US response be to further use of chemical attacks in Syria Click Here for Story

Study on Arkansas Tourism Campaign Should Make You Scratch Your Head about Pure Michigan

Does Arkansas’ tourism campaign provide more return on investment than Pure Michigan?  … more

Oklahoma Teachers Average $20,000 Less Than Michigan – And Are On Strike

Teacher pay rates have become a national conversation with public school employees in Oklahoma, West Virginia and Kentucky going on strike in the past week. … more

Well Well

BET founder, first black billionaire, says ‘something is going right’ with Trump’s economy BET Founder says Trump economy is doing something right Click Here for Details

Is an Apology Enough?

Zuckerberg to apologize in front of Congress Zuckerberg to apologize in front of Congress about privacy looting Click Here for Story

Knife Control?

London Mayor Sadiq Khan enacts ‘knife control’ policies to crack down on stabbing epidemicLondon Mayor looks to start knife control rules in London ? Click Here for Details

Russia Warns of Consequences of Attack on Syria

Denies Syrian involvement in chemical attacks Click Here for Story

More Facebook Censoring

DACASocial media cracking down on conservatives Click Here for Details

Did They Ever Really Stop?

Iran threatens to resume Nuke program but did they ever really stop since there was no checking of military sites? Click Here for Story

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