Tuesday April 17, 2018


Alan Dershowitz calls James Comey a man without courage Click Here for Story

Despite Right-To-Work Laws, Unions Find Ways Make Workers Keep Paying

 The Michigan Supreme Court has finally closed the door on a tactic the state’s largest teachers union has used to prevent school employees from exercising one of their legal rights at any time. … more

State Funding for Universities Continues Upward Climb

 Gov. Rick Snyder, with legislative approval, cut funding for higher education in his first budget. But state support has crept upward ever since and now is higher than when Gov. Snyder took office in 2011.  … more

Hogg the Nazi?

Parkland school advisory board member likens David Hogg to a Nazi on Twitter: report Parkland school advisory board member likens student activist to Hitler Click Here for Story

Truly GMO?

Man set to be genetically modified Click Here for Details

Yep Censorship

New report shows social media sites are censoring conservatives Click Here for Story



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