Tuesday April 3, 2018

Trump Approval Up Again

Despite the latest attacks from the left and Media Click Here for Details

Where Michigan Lawmakers Stand on ‘Right to Try’ Laws

  In 2014, the Michigan Legislature overwhelmingly passed new laws that allow terminally ill patients to try medicine that has passed the first phase of the federal approval process but are not yet fully permitted for use. This proposal is commonly known as “right to try.” … more

Michigan’s Top School Pension Payouts

 Albert Lorenzo, a former president of Macomb Community College, is collecting the highest annual public school pension payout at $204,264. … more

Stop the Caravan

POTUS presses Mexico to stop surge of illegals towards the US Click Here for Story and Video

Communism Facts

Ask yourself why the left, the media and the educational system doesn’t want you to know this ? Click Here for Details and Video

Competition for Speaker Ryan?

Challenger is raising big money Click Here for Story

Security Issue

 National security is at stake with an open border Click Here for Details

Too Much Power

Google, Apple and Facebook may be too powerful to successfully boycott? Click Here for Story

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