Tuesday August 6, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Hypocrisy of the Liberals

 The words of Mother Teresa say a lot about death,  killing and the liberal mentality Click Here for Details

Ohio Shooter A Democrat

While the left wants to blame Conservatives the Ohio Shooter was a registered Democrat Click Here for Story

End of An Era

Oakland County’s L. Brooks Patterson to be paid to rest Click Here for Story

Teachers Union Not Really Against Student Learning And Better Teachers, Right?

Look beyond the label on resolutions defeated at NEA’s annual meeting

Conservative Activist Leads Baltimore Clean Up Team

Scott Pressler responded positively to POTUS tweets leading 250 volunteers to help clean Baltimore Click Here for Details

Stock Market Pushes Correction

Trade war between China and the US pushes stock market downward Click Here for Details

Red Flag Bill

Common Sense or Slippery Slope? Click Here for Details

Currency Manipulator!

Trump Admin designates China as a currency manipulator as trade tensions increase Click Here for Details

The Left Continues to Exploit Shootings

 Blaming POTUS for votes Click Here for Details  and Here for More Info

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